Thursday, February 18, 2010

From G's Gents, and then back to G's cause ya'll know how it is in the valley

6 o'clock; rush back to my apartment from my workout, shower, fix this hair, but what do I wear... Throw on some Marc Jacobs, some Buurberry, can't forget about some Ralph and splash of YSL. Moisturize my situation and off to Pettigrew auditorium, but not without one more look in the mirror..

Walking in to the lobby of the Pettigrew I found my people (REMT), we had reserved seats. Surprisingly, Most people looked decent - which is a change of face for all the ones I ran into who usually look really sloppy , #FAIL but now #PASS with a golden star.. The Occasion: "Dress For Success" Seminar - this initiative is one I personally would like to see pushed heavily; ATTN: FVSU - I can upgrade u.

This wasn't just any old seminar to attend for extra credit, it was a little bit more special. The Speaker: Derrick Watkins better known as Fonzworth Bentley. #lowkey I was ecstatic - tried to play it off cool. How many times has someone like this came to FVSU since I've been here? (Crickets in the background), None... So I couldn't have missed this opportunity. 

The question of the night: Do I bring my book? Of course I saw people with them out, but as for me I thought that would have been a tad bit de classe - TRASHY- so, I left it and brought myself. I was trying to stay true to the lessons of etiquette Mr. Bentley spells out in his book (Advance Your Swagger - How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead; get it here if you haven't yet). The lecture included excerpts from the book and other comical and useful anecdotes. While people were taking notes I was reading between the lines...My generation tends to take the words of people who've mastered success way too literally and totally miss the point #FAIL. While they were searching for the answers in notes, I realized the concepts he put out there. We laugh, we cried, we had the best and worst of times - yadda yadda yadda.. LOL. He debuted "Fireside Chat" so look out for that - very informative and captivating (Bentley, send me the finished product) The night was great but then came the end. Was I going to get my book signed or not, I gave into peer pressure (not). I and ran back to my place, grabbed the book, and stuffed it discretely into my Double-Breasted Burberry Blazer - Busting Heads, LOL - and waited in line. The next question, was I going to get a picture?

I waited and got impatient ( 5 minutes passed and I cut line). Yes, I got my book signed and mentioned the twitter comment - but didn't get a picture. Hasshim (@Mr_IAmDebonair) got a picture, Justin (@2Smoov4School) got one too, but I didn't - Damn SMH. In a attempt to be modest and maintain class, I missed an important photo opp (a lesson I learned from Hotep to take advantage of "Hustler's Ten Commandments", another Morehouse man and author). I didn't beat myself up over it (I #lowkey did), the book was signed and my presence was made. Who can forget the name and style that is Aemon - I'm waiting....

The Night was a success and I was inspired....

Aemon Weaver

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