Thursday, December 31, 2009

Andre + Publix cake = HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Happy New Years! 2010 is the beginning of a new decade - I'm still tripping on the last one can't believe we all survived. A new year - decade - brings the promise of a new beginning. New years resolutions are never a means to an end, but if that is you - go ahead. Everyones goal should be to do better - more sensible and easy. If you can't do that then you're just SOL. A reinvention is always in order around this time. It's always good to switch it up. You can't grow without changing - so change for the best (hope for the rest). Make this year and all times YOUR time because after all you only have one life to live -YOURS SO DO IT! Follow through with your goals is the real key to success...

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

- Zig Ziglar motivational speaker

Now is the time... No excuses - which are tools of the incompetent used to build monuments of nothingness... you know the rest pledges.

I celebrated not in the booth of a club with bottle service and chicks serving drinks, but in the comfort of my home with my family. No all black everything, - except all black people - no make-up, no crazy fits - just us and a few bottles of Andre (don't judge me we're in a dry city). It's actually good and it's very cheap. It goes good with Publix cake - what's going on with me. This is going to be a great year...

Aemon Weaver

Monday, October 26, 2009


WHEW! Momday - and it's homecoming in the valley! I woke up and ran with another busy, fun day. Homecoming in The Valley is going to be crazy. All my family is either here or going to be in town later. I spent time with greqt friends and so far so great. I haven't posted in a while - so, so sorry! Lots of new things in the works...
First things first - new url! I'm excited to expand the brand - catchy. I will be posting it later. Secondly, lots of opportunities have opened up for me - stay tuned (follow me FitzroyHMaybach on twitter). I am really living mu dreams - be happy you can be too. Plese stay tuned for more information...


Saturday, October 3, 2009


is very intriguing to me - to say the least... Don't get me wrong - she's it, but I find it interesting how she is breaking into the modeling industry and taking it by storm. She recently did a editorial with ELLE with Kanye West doing the styling. A match made in heaven - to me. I love how she mixes high-end fashion attitude with video girl poses - such an offset, but I love it. Only she can get away with this... WHERE IS YOUR SISTER AMBER???

Fitzroy H. Maybach

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AWD/Fitzroy's Fitz

Dear Wednesday, why can't you always be cool, easygoing, and sunny.... Hump-day was more like bump day because it was a real good Wednesday - for real.

I woke up thinking I had tennis at 9, then I realized I did
n't have it until next Monday or Wednesday - I think... At least I enjoyed a great two extra hours of sleepuntil I again realized I have a 10 page paper due next Monday or Wednesday on freaking tennis, how is that possible.

Blazer by Brooks Brothers. Cut-off shorts by Levis. Shirt and bow tie by American Eagle Outfitters. Shoes by Converse.

On the way to class heads tur
ned - and a few laughs. I remembered an email I got from Marquis Phifer ( - I'll spare the details but it was some good stuff. Basically it was about accepting your own creativity.. The financial aid ladies went crazy upon my arrival - they always complement me on my style - I'm still going there and we're two months into school....

I switched the fit a littl
e later on... Switched the shirt and bowtie for a red Rugby Ralph Lauren rugby shirt. Swapped the regular gray converse for the Jack Purcells for tonights concept... I'm the style coordinator for Royal Elite Modeling Troupe and FVSU - enough said. The new models are coming in, which is exciting to see....

I don't know what the hell is wrong with my camera...

Fitzroy H. Maybach

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Android Homme - Jetpack Sneaker

Sometimes Fitzroy H.M. likes to lace up - and not a pair of converse. Fall is the perfect season to play around with high-tops. Pair it with a pair of well fitted straight or slim jean or other slim pant. A pet-peeve of mine is having the pants swallow up the shoe - no, no... Always pair your slimmer jeans/pants with a high-top sneaker - makes for a better silhouette and it looks neat damnit! Wear these by Android Homme available at Karma Loop....

Fitzroy H. Maybach

Fall Picks: desert boot

I'm compiling a list of must have items for fall and winter. Number 1 by far is the desert boot. I've been to a few stores and sites and found great pairs but these pair, from MUG (Minotar Urban Gear) are nice. Not only are they lined they also have a great shape to them - and that's important
to me. In fact, I'm caught up in shoe shape. Even though they're rounded, they're slimmer so that it outlines the shape of the foot. That streamline look is very important when choosing shoe - well, at least to me it is....

These are available at Gettry, but this is a trend that everyone is going to be wearing this season so you can pick up pairs at J. Crew, American Eagle, and Urban Outfitters - has a huge assortment and styles at great prices...

Fitzroy H. Maybach

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is how I feel about Fort Valley, GA ( the town I go to school)... It something about the country and the weird bugs that live in them... SMH...

Fitzroy H. Maybach

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Fall is here and along with the other essential items on my list, I'm paying special attention to what's on my feet. These pair of Balenciaga's would go perfectly with everything, especially on those days when my feet don't want to go in a pair of tassel and fringe loafers...

High - Top trainers with Felt detailing
available at Browns

Fitzroy H. Maybach


Fame Kills from kwest on Vimeo.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AWD: Fitzroy H. Maybach

Little did I know a pseudonym would get you far.... With that being said, I introduce Fitzroy H. Maybach. He is the definition of an African American Blue Blood. He is a Jack & Jill alumni, a future Archon in "The Boule", and his girl is a southern debutante he escorted in the Beau cotillion. He vacations in Martha's Vineyard and Sag Harbor. He lives in Tuxedo Park and is a graduate of Morehouse. He's a natural born asshole who everyone wants to be. He's arrogant by birth - with a heart of gold. He's the evil villain and can get away with it. He drives vintage cars for leisure while his Quattroporte sits in the garage. He's captured what he calls the "Ebonsphere" as well as the mainstream upper crust. This list goes on - literally....

Fitzroy is Aemon... I got a real big ego - I know.

Striped oxford shirt and classic fit jeans by
Abercrombie & Fitch. Bow-tie by American Eagle. Deck shoes (not pictured) by Timberland from Barney's, Stainless steel Oyster (watch) Rolex.

I cannot stress this enough. Shop at stores synonymous with quality. Know the names and their style and start from there.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


2010 Mercerdes Benz SLS AMG, yall know what that AMG means.... This is based off the iconic 300SL model and has top speeds of about 200 mph. Super, Sexy, FAST - exactly how I like my women... Make it black and we have a deal.



Chunky silk bow ties from Tom Ford
A/W 2009 collection
available at colette



I really did intended on studying last night, but one thing lead to another and I ended up at the Alpha party. Made a cameo through there and headed back to the dorm. My head hit the pillow next thing I knew, I was rolling out of bed late to my 9:30 Chemistry class.... Wednesdays are my power days. There is so much to do in between classes. Meetings with advisers, mentors, and my unreliable web designer - you know who you are, ya low down coon... Today is a different story, however I'm still on the go.

Gray V-neck by Hanes. Tartan slim military shirt by Hawkings McGill. Jeans and leather cuff by Abercrombie and Fitch. Shoes by Converse

TIP: when going for a relaxed put-together look when wearing a V-neck, tug on the neck of the shirt to give it a more worn in, comfortable look. NOT TO MUCH THOUGH, you don't want to look like you've been jumped.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Southern society rivals all other societies we have in America. There's pageantry in everything we do from where we choose to live all the way to what we wear. Being apart of Black high southern society is no different. I'm a huge fan of the southern, classic, old guard way of dressing. suede bucks and seersucker's - that stuff. They mix and layer patterns with a quirky elegance that is chic and classic.

Navy Blazer
by Brooks Brothers. Cuffed Flat Front Chino Shorts by Burberry. Oxford Shirt and Bow Tie by American Eagle Outfitters. Paired with black Tassels and Fringe loafers by Cole Haan and wrist ornament is a Vintage Stainless Steel Rolex Day and Date.

Always go to the classic brands when it comes to choosing pieces like navy blazers, chinos, etc. These people get it right all the time and you can style it the way you see fit. AND ALWAYS REMEMBER FIT, FIT, FIT!!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today I missed class... NOT GOOD. To make it worse it was Chemistry - ouch!. To make me feel better I said I'd go check up on my financial aid, but little did I know they were closed today (making it week number two - c'mon HBCU's). Luckily Dr. Holmes (shout-out FVSU Chemistry Dept.) is real cool and gave me the make up work from last Thursday. Can someone say Favor!!! I rolled out of bed uninspired by the cinder block walls that surround me, but I saw sunshine and heard warm temperatures so I threw this together...

Tartan western - vintage find from Stefan's (Little Five Points, Atlanta), T-shirt by Buffalo by David Bitton, and Cut-off's by Levis (Urban Outfitters). Paired with perforated leather slip on's by VANS and wrist ornaments from Abercrombie & Fitch

Charm and wit sold seperately....

Aemon Weaver

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Timberland and Colette??? The Parisian retail powerhorse teamed up with Timberland and remixed a classic. Timbo's bring me back to those days I was actually trying to hard to be - HARD. These feature signature Colette blue stitching and padded heel. Available September 9th @ Colette.


Monday, August 31, 2009

"BLING, BLING, BAM!" Nene Leaks

Raf Simmons for Dr. Martens fall 2009. Available at oki-ni, Selfridges, Browns and Dover Street Market.



A Bathing Ape Riders Jacket

Also in

from hypebeast


Converse New Releases: JAPAN

Jack Purcell Mid! This is crazy. Classic; remixed


AWD: IT'S A FRAUD - BOW TIE (so, sue me)

Up by 8, tennis at 9, a recoup at 10, and out again by 11.... Not enough hours in the day, but the life of a hustler is ongoing - sleep when you die. My histology professor and every other professor (yes, Histology - the study of tissues. Yes, I am the future 5% (black physician)), had to say something about my damn bow tie... Yes, bow ties go with jeans - Today.

Slim fit Stripped shirt
, TAKEL from Urban Outfitters. Gray cardigan vest, GAP. Jeans - Low Loose fit and Bow tie from American Eagle Outfitters. Paired with boat shoes. Books sold separately...

Style Tip:
You've seen it a while in editorials and on runways, but try loosing the socks and rolling up the legs of pants and jeans. Make it messy with jeans for a carefree rumpled look and make it more uniform with other pants.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Rihanna covers the Septemeber issue of Vogue Italia.


Kandi and Tasia (Fantasia)

Yes, Tasia your thong is showing in that leopard print catsuit ( a strippers onesie).... When you think of Atlanta old-guard black society, this doesn't come to mind. However, somehow this is the new class of Atlanta's young black elite. Young, famous, just a little hood, and mostly up and coming "somethings". That splash of street is almost everywhere in this town even in freaking Grayson, GA "Atlanta's best kept secret" - so they say. I wonder what it is now because it was a secret circa 1990 when I was growing up there... This video is hilarious though, nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Something bout the clouds and her mixed..."

"That's when
I saw her, OOOooohhh (Prince scream) , I saw her. She walked in through the outdoor (out door - echo)"

The girls this semester are looking quite lovely, and these freshmen ladies.... BEAT (if you don't know you bet ask somebody). Even though school is well underway and your financial aid is all wack (where is my scholarships and other grants FVSU, don't make me have to expose yall), Us men (RIVERMEN) have lots of eye candy to look at. Just a reminder (because some of these banjee ass negroes still haven't grasped this concept) be polite, polished, and an adult; a gentleman always gets the right lady - not these little girls sneaking it in the backdoor of Boyd hall, I see all yall... FINED!

I've payed the cost to be the boss, respect your authority...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"It's Me And You - Now..."

Cassie's new pics. Her buzz has been generating a lot of buzz, and people have been following suit. TIP: Leave it to the professionals, don't jack my girls style

This is a girl who likes Turkey "Samiches" after sex... HMMM (wifey material= total BEAT)

source (for photo)


Monday, August 24, 2009


Seen these before??? The designer: A-Morir - available on the website.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


My biggest pet peeve is people wearing their parents clothes. In particular, the men. Dressing up doesn't mean you have to look like your dad or your grandfather - yikes. Suiting up should come natural and should be age appropriate. When looking for pieces look for the right fits and proportions. Adding edge to classics is the perfect approach to piecing thing together - like this look.

Classic navy blue blazer by Brooks Brothers. Striped shirt, handmade repp stripe tie, and broken-in chinos by J Crew. Boat shoes by Louis Vuitton, fabric cuff links from Nieman Marcus

No belt needed. Switch it up and make it work. Take your cues from classic well dressed men and then own your own look.


Monday, August 17, 2009


Acronym because I'm on the go. First day of class, snoozed the alarm about 33 times before waking up completely at 8:15 for my 9 o'clock class that's on the edge of campus. Cooked this up for a day that looks like rain on the drop of a dime...

Navy blue polo in vintage wash Marc by Marc Jacobs, gray graphic t-shirt Obey, jeans are Seven for All Mankind, and shoes are Jack Purcell Converse. Accessorized with a vintage Rolex Day and Date, SKINNY belt from Urban Outfitters with grommets, vintage inspired corduroy knapsack by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This day is just getting started and it's off to a great start.. I'm an optimist. It's dark, gloomy, and muggy outside which makes for a perfect bitchass-ed attitude day... Beware FVSU...

HAVE A WILDCAT DAY (Insider joke, should be easy to understand).


Thursday, August 13, 2009


The dawn of a new day brings a new beginning. Yesterday is dead and gone and now is - well, now. To categorize how I feel and to bring the viewers into my world, I decided to show what I'm wearing each day.

The day sets the tone for what you're wearing and you go from there. Today is a relaxed day. We all recovered from a soggy, muggy, and damp day yesterday. I put this together: Alife T from Standard (Peachtree St. ATL, GA), cargo shorts from Rugby by Ralph Lauren, and a pair of Nike Blazer from Wish (Little 5 Points ATL, GA). Today I was running errand, doing work around the office, and later on relaxing.


Life and TImes Vol.1 : Boyd Hall

So, the life of an RA is not as glamorous and lush as people might imagine. Especially staying in a traditional dorm with standard industrial strength tiles and off white cinder block wall. Don't forget the metal furniture with faux wood accents and a splash of orange.
I arrived here unsure of many things and sort of apprehensive. I was anxious of how things would work out. I anticipated the critters in my room and even lost some sleep. I can now lay all of that aside because I am making it work. It's not the life I'm comfortable with (wood floors, quartz counters, wolf range, and sub-zeros fridges), but it's a learning experience. This is the experience that I asked for - I accepted the job.
I'm making it work.
Brought some items to make it seem more at home. Fur blanket and pillow - check, Full length mirror - check, an artillery of designer clothes - check check... I tried to fang Sui my room. I feel a difference and it is certainly peaceful. This is most important in any place you live - dorm of apartment. Harmony is crucial when dealing with a demanding life.
Instead of chilling in the study, I now will be studying in my office - college student/ executive I'll scratch you into my schedule... No Corinthian leather chair, art collection, artifacts from my world travels - just basic. Starting from the ground up. This semester should be interesting - wait have I said that already... New mantra perhaps??? AEMON WEAVER

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My new night time routine. The life of an RA is interesting and it's going to be interesting to see how I balance school, social life, and running a blog - among other projects under construction. I keep running into people asking me how my summer was - blank stare (read the blog). Yeah, I blow them off with the intern and the shadowing deal, but whatever...

The hopes are high for the upcoming school
year and the year ahead. Great things in the works and a shocking move in the make - hush shhh.... I switching up my style, attitude, and overall persona. So many people don't know my personality on campus. I play it cool and keep it laid back - and people take advantage... That's not me - never was.

My night time routine now includes waking up to the door alarm going off because some freshman are sneaking out - knowing they have a curfew. The nerve of some of the boys, honestly. A new term has entered my vocabulary - rachet. I hate slang, it has no place in academia. However, there is only one word to describe the actions of the little kids.

These boy-men are called "River Men", the name is still growing on me because it could mean lots of things. Here at Fort Valley State University, we are embarking on a new initiative to ensure that these incoming students become quality adults and staples in society. I'm excited that I'm apart of this new direction and it's equally exciting this is the largest incoming class in the school's history. Dr. Said Sewell is at the forefront of this movement. This guy is awesome and I admire him. Morehouse Man, enough said.

My infatuation with this school is sickening and I am determined to make it there, it makes me excited the fact that I too can become one of the men who carry on that legacy. It's an honor to be at an HBCU period. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be one...