Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Pants: Free my ankles

These got mixed reviews today. I push the envelope when it comes to style - I consider myself a professional now with a few jobs and projects under my belt - not too bad. Unfortuanately, I go to a rural school filled with people who have NEVER picked up a Vogue, GQ, V, WWD, or Vman magazine. Unfortunatley again people haven't heard of Thom Browne either.

These are crested Ralph Lauren courdoroy pants I had tailored to fit like a pair of Thom Browne pants (shrunken/ cropped) I saw in a store visited. They were tapered and hemmed about two inches - the world of a difference. Little to say people noticed, heads turned, ghetto gawks, and a trashy girl took a pic with a freakin flip phone (in 2010 c'mon)... Needless to say my confidence was tested and eventually proven. By the end of the day I didn't care anynmore.

Many people consider themselves stylish, but I can literally be the judge that. Looking neat is one thing, but being stylish you must put yourself uncharted territories to create your own identity. My look is always on the prepier side, but my signature is to play around with proportions and fits - like Thome Browne.

Many people cannot see the artistry it takes to put a look together. I pull elemets of drama, comedy, and suspense when I get dressed - do you? I take the risks necessary to keep my fashion image relevant. I validate my look when I see people turn their heads and I hear comments rangigng the gamut. It is then when I know I've hit a home run #success.

Like I said, your confidence will get tested - mines certainly has. Time when those time come up I look for inspiration. I saved this email from Marquis Phifer (Lateboots) and read it - and continue to read it - for inspiration.

"The moment you accept your creative gene is the moment that you turn your back to the rest of the world...When I started to get whispers and laughs from civilians is when I found the perfect look."

- Marquis Phifer

I've posted that a few times but words never rang so true and besides I have nice ankles and they deserve to be shownNever let a mediocre majority stand in the way of creativity and mastery - especially when it comes to finding a look because look is so important and relevant in our time. 

Somebody is on to it... (via The Sartorialist)

Aemon Weaver

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Yourself Together...

4:50 AM Saturday morning, My co-worker comes knocking on my door enthusiastically and I ignored it at first. Then came the phone - and I ignored that too. Then came these threatening knocks - threatening to kill my beloved full length mirror, and that's when I opened the door. I pretended to be getting ready with my toothbrush and towel in hade in route to my shower - #fail. Made it there and had no other choice but to do the holy grail (pitts and your shit) and made it on to the parking lot to board a damn bus #epicfail. Lord, what's going on with my life...

Residential Assistant convention at University of West Georgia - I believed I was kidnapped and taken to a place where I had no clue existed on a map. Loud cheers of people who took their jobs a little too seriously and Chick Fil A sandwiches - Things started to look up. Fort Valley made it's way to our respected spot on the stands and in comes Morehouse RA's - Things started to look better... I saw this as an opportunity to network.

The day was filled with seminars and role playing - non of which was beneficial to being a better RA. One person from Kennesaw State made it known he was a Drama major when he presented a whole bunch of bullshit on how the people who were giving the seminar could do better. He interrupted a skit and stated this was "melodramatic" and other stuff. Good to know your degree (soon to be) will be put to good use causing unecessary drama around our country #wheretheydothatat.

I connected with Morehouse men got some good connections and met a few girls too... Nothing could prepare me for "Sex In The Dark" seminar which was appropriately in the dark to hide the shameful faces of the people asking the most outrageous intrusive questions - sign me up please! #Lowkey I enjoyed it. Nothing fashionable, no lights or velvet ropes, no glits and glam - just students who have the opportunity (or misfortune) of looking after a whole bunch of wild animals for a year because that what we do damnit - we're freakinly awesome and fantastic RA's.

Aemon Weaver

Friday, January 22, 2010

You Rock My World

My inspiration for an upcoming project. Can you believe someone had the nerve to say people are tired of Michael Jackson? By far he's one of my biggest style inspirations - my signature look is showing a little ankle or sock. People are actually following suit on the yard too #FVSU. For now taking notes and until the real madness begins I'm good. Lets see how much Ace Champagne we can make on a 211 Steel Reserve budget....

Aemon Weaver

Monday, January 18, 2010

Twitter Talkin... And stuff

First weekend of spring semester. Stop everythingpack up Burberry carryall, grab laundry bag, throw on #allblackeverything, head up to Graystone... Sigh of relief. The campus of Fort Valley State is always dead on weekends and some weekdays too - I don't know whats up with my school. Nothing kosher takes place after dark or on the weekends - all bad everyting - I'm missing nothing anyways so home was the move plus I had work to do here up there...

My winter closet

I was on the paper trail consulting with a prospective client, sifting through a few vintage stores, and resting - I thought. I followed mom to the grocery store and realized I made a mistake (even though I live for an in store meltdown from time to time). I played cat and mouse for about an hour as she sent me out to get shit - most of which I had no clue where they were - and tried to find her, #fail. It's always good to go home though - everthing else went fine.

I had time to reflect on the week and scheme a plan for the upcoming week. 18 hours, and internship, and other projects and commitments. Oh yeah and that RA stuff I signed up for (where do they get these kids from who go to this school man SMH). The tests and trials and firery darts can never get a hustler down so now I'm #ontothenext...

The rain was relaxing, the rest was fine, but come Tuesday comes part deux (three day weekend - another reason I went home)... Booted in designer loafers and a carryall in hand, necks will crack and heads will turn as I walk on the yard with all black frames (I felt like Andy minus Edie last week stylewise). I'm such a man of mystery on the campus except to those who know me (FVSU's Illuminati and gliteratti) I believe the best way to increse yourself is by the people you asscociate youself with - peal of wisdom.....

These found there way into my hands... I lace it up sometimes - why not? I want to be like Mike too.

Aemon Weaver

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Just Have To Do It...

My eyes are always open... I look for inspiration everywhere. Yes, even here on the campus of THE Fort Valley State University. Do you want to be posted? Get at me with a pic of your fit and a little about yourself. Describe your style and what you do...  Send them to aweaver6@sprint.blackberry.net yeah, my personal email address... Ready when you are...

Aemon Weaver


Dior Homme
Spring 2010
 Karl Lagerfeld picking up where Hedi Slimane left off?


You tell me....

Aemon Weaver

Already HOMME - Jay - Z

I saw the video for this collection earlier and wanted to view the looks as pieces - mainly the tops. Just my luck.
Spring/ Summer 2010



Aemon Weaver

Man, Oh Man

Junya Watanabe MAN
Spring/Summer 2010

Junya Watanabe MAN Spring 2010 from Très Bien Shop on Vimeo.

video via (Hypebeast)

Aemon Weaver

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Perfect Mix

Terrem Spring 2010
available @ Dedue


This shoe is a perfect cocktail. 1 part desert boot, 1 part vintage fringe - I die for a tassel and fringe loafer, and a splash of sneaker to complete for taste...

Aemon Weaver 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Persistance is Key...

Change is so awkward. The feeling of doing something totally new is not only scary, very uncomfortable - overwhelming even. Building a movement from the ground up was something underestimated - but humbled me. I'm all about numbers - which is what I am just starting to see an increase in. I like to have my foot in every door possible - hungry, thirsty, persistant, resilient, tenacious... I stumbled across a pearl of wisdom....

"you have to be true to what you initially envisioned and just do it. Anything is possible.."

Chris Stamp designer/ founder of Stampd' LA - via Lateboots

Aemon Weaver

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow
Coming soon @ Opening Ceremony




Aemon Weaver


Ostwald Helgason
S/S 2010

Bold stripes, pops of color, and throw in some floral... Then you have spring.

Aemon Weaver

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I found this to be so damn funny. Especially when he said talked about the only thing he fears...

How do you lather so good Bentley? I want that when I shower (bubble bath standing up). I know I'm late, but I just got "Advance Your Swagger" (Barnes and Noble) for a Christmas present. Very entertaining and a must read - a necessary read (for some people). It's still on the coffee table at home, which is a perfect place for it because we have some trashy people stop by the Graystone Compound.

Aemon Weaver

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The jacket, the gloves, the fur... Enough said. These pictures came from the Lateboots blog. I've adored the adornments of Marquis Phifer (Lateboots) - especially the way he puts pieces together. This is a prime example - denim jacket , t-shirt, fur collar, and the orange (I call it Hermes Orange) gloves. Class is now in session, jot this down for future references. Layering is important in the winter and adds a visually appealing - and interesting - aesthetic - this is how you pull it off...

pictures via Lateboots

Aemon Weaver