Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The jacket, the gloves, the fur... Enough said. These pictures came from the Lateboots blog. I've adored the adornments of Marquis Phifer (Lateboots) - especially the way he puts pieces together. This is a prime example - denim jacket , t-shirt, fur collar, and the orange (I call it Hermes Orange) gloves. Class is now in session, jot this down for future references. Layering is important in the winter and adds a visually appealing - and interesting - aesthetic - this is how you pull it off...

pictures via Lateboots

Aemon Weaver

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Anonymous said...

I like this guy. His life and style, he's the definition of lifestyle. Wow, Aemon I didn't know u blogged you seemed like you would but this is nice. You know who this is.