Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Yourself Together...

4:50 AM Saturday morning, My co-worker comes knocking on my door enthusiastically and I ignored it at first. Then came the phone - and I ignored that too. Then came these threatening knocks - threatening to kill my beloved full length mirror, and that's when I opened the door. I pretended to be getting ready with my toothbrush and towel in hade in route to my shower - #fail. Made it there and had no other choice but to do the holy grail (pitts and your shit) and made it on to the parking lot to board a damn bus #epicfail. Lord, what's going on with my life...

Residential Assistant convention at University of West Georgia - I believed I was kidnapped and taken to a place where I had no clue existed on a map. Loud cheers of people who took their jobs a little too seriously and Chick Fil A sandwiches - Things started to look up. Fort Valley made it's way to our respected spot on the stands and in comes Morehouse RA's - Things started to look better... I saw this as an opportunity to network.

The day was filled with seminars and role playing - non of which was beneficial to being a better RA. One person from Kennesaw State made it known he was a Drama major when he presented a whole bunch of bullshit on how the people who were giving the seminar could do better. He interrupted a skit and stated this was "melodramatic" and other stuff. Good to know your degree (soon to be) will be put to good use causing unecessary drama around our country #wheretheydothatat.

I connected with Morehouse men got some good connections and met a few girls too... Nothing could prepare me for "Sex In The Dark" seminar which was appropriately in the dark to hide the shameful faces of the people asking the most outrageous intrusive questions - sign me up please! #Lowkey I enjoyed it. Nothing fashionable, no lights or velvet ropes, no glits and glam - just students who have the opportunity (or misfortune) of looking after a whole bunch of wild animals for a year because that what we do damnit - we're freakinly awesome and fantastic RA's.

Aemon Weaver

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