Monday, January 18, 2010

Twitter Talkin... And stuff

First weekend of spring semester. Stop everythingpack up Burberry carryall, grab laundry bag, throw on #allblackeverything, head up to Graystone... Sigh of relief. The campus of Fort Valley State is always dead on weekends and some weekdays too - I don't know whats up with my school. Nothing kosher takes place after dark or on the weekends - all bad everyting - I'm missing nothing anyways so home was the move plus I had work to do here up there...

My winter closet

I was on the paper trail consulting with a prospective client, sifting through a few vintage stores, and resting - I thought. I followed mom to the grocery store and realized I made a mistake (even though I live for an in store meltdown from time to time). I played cat and mouse for about an hour as she sent me out to get shit - most of which I had no clue where they were - and tried to find her, #fail. It's always good to go home though - everthing else went fine.

I had time to reflect on the week and scheme a plan for the upcoming week. 18 hours, and internship, and other projects and commitments. Oh yeah and that RA stuff I signed up for (where do they get these kids from who go to this school man SMH). The tests and trials and firery darts can never get a hustler down so now I'm #ontothenext...

The rain was relaxing, the rest was fine, but come Tuesday comes part deux (three day weekend - another reason I went home)... Booted in designer loafers and a carryall in hand, necks will crack and heads will turn as I walk on the yard with all black frames (I felt like Andy minus Edie last week stylewise). I'm such a man of mystery on the campus except to those who know me (FVSU's Illuminati and gliteratti) I believe the best way to increse yourself is by the people you asscociate youself with - peal of wisdom.....

These found there way into my hands... I lace it up sometimes - why not? I want to be like Mike too.

Aemon Weaver

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