Friday, June 12, 2009

Reason to go on

I'm new to blogging and bSEEN is still underway. I'm finding my niche in this world which is why I ask well known bloggers what does it take to run a successful blog? This bright idea came to me one day after reading all of my favorite blogs. I went out on a limb and asked by sending emails. No one responded except for one.

One day while in church my blackberry went off. I glanced at it saw an unfamiliar email address with the name Scott Schuman on it. I read it at lunch after church and to my surprize It was The Sartorialist!

The one person I expected not to hear from emailed me - I felt so special even though I know he probably responds to millions of email like mine. I was elated - like some waitress slipped me her number or something.

The email basically said to continue blogging, be persistent, and consistent. Post things pertaining to your genre and something reader will enjoy. He also said be patient and branch yourself out. Words I needed to hear at that time not only with blogging, but with school.

It's ironic because the message that Sunday was "Following your dreams." Which is the story of my life right now - well on the way to med-school, internships, traveling, ect... I heard something yesterday that stood out for me from Denzel Washington. He basically said enjoy the experience [of school] - cause you're not going to be a doctor [or whatever] all your life.

Even though for me, I know I'm destined to be an outstanding physician - I also want to do somethings in the fashion world. I enjoy being a college student even though the school I'm at isn't what I thought it would be - Thankfully. hopefully this upcoming fall is, will be my last semester before I head to a school in the city (Atlanta). I really enjoyed the experiences I have had on the campus of Fort Valley State University and trust me I am very thankful for being there.

Summer is a time of reflecting, scheming, figuring what's next. I'm am focused, determined, and ambitious - all the characteristics to being successful. I want to that you Mr. Schuman, for answering my email...


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kanye on the view

I hate that I missed this. Was out with Mom running errands with her... I still do that and I wonder when will that end - oh well...


Arbitrage + Dee and Ricky = I like!

Dee and Ricky team up with Alan Chan 0f Arbitrage to make these shirts featuring an applique of there famous lego pendants.

Pictures via Lateboots

read more here!!

Shorts are meant to be short

New from Outlier, tailored shorts with a cap to top it off...

Wear Them!!



Well three M's to be exact, Martin Maison Margiela. Black patent leather contrast the soft supple leather.

Get them



Glamb autum 2009

pictures via Men's Rag


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Believe the hype

Paper Air Yeezy"s by Filippo Perin


Soft Ivory

Anne Demeulemeester high top's in suede with suede leather strips on the sides of the sole.



Calibre 'A Change In Sequence' F/W 2009


Hot and Cold

Samples of Giuliano Fujiwara's SS09' footwear


Concrete slippers

Acne Jeans strollers in White and Blue, which one are you



Colors make me happy, hehehe....

Hot Air T's featuring different graphics. My favorites are the fair isle and the aztek patterns. Available at Major in Washington DC.

1426 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007 (Georgetown)
phone: 202 MAJOR DC


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quote of the day

Answer to the question "I'm hot because..." (From Vibe's "Model of the Month"- May 2009)
" [Because] the Lord told me so and to my reader you are hot as well no matter what your occupation is in life. We all share the same amount of God-given space in this world and each of our contributions plays a major role to life itself. I am a constant self-motivator, through my ups and down I can only look toward me for that push through hard times. That makes me hot, fo' sho."
- model/actor Akintola Jiboyewa

The first line stuck out the most... I agree and the same goes for me; I see a Vibe cover story on the horizon.....


Yes, I've lived in Virginia!

Lynchburg to be exact, nine years. Now I'm back with my family in Atlanta (thank god) - fun time though...

Commonwealth in a nutshell: cool design, shoes, and clothes - voted top place to shop by GQ and other magazines. Been to a few of there events; cool. Staff is cool... Everything is cool... But for real it's IT, I like it.

While there I always liked shopping at this store, Commonwealth in Virginia Beach and now it's in Washington DC. I was always ahead of everyone (in Lynchburg) and shopping here no one could tell me nothing!!! At least I left a legacy...

Learn more here!

1781 Florida Ave. NW
Washington DC, 20009

717 W. 21st Street
Norfolk, VA 23517
Tel 757.622.3372

See you soon.... Be ready it's been a while


Something is on my mind.....

I can't get this city off of my mind; It's consuming my every thought. It's something about Washington DC that makes me feel good. It's certainly not the fashion capitol, but I feel a very chic elegance coolness every time I go there( shout-out: Commonwealth "C'Monwealth"). There's always a sophisticated vibe when I'm there that even makes me step my game up.

During the semester off I find myself in constant thought about what's next. My grades are fledgling and I have scholarships coming my way, but I feel like there's something missing. I'm at Fort Valley State University (THE Fort Valley State University, lol) now, and know that my time there is drawing to a close. I feel an emptiness and it's sad to see majority of the students there for the wrong reason (who comes to college to chill and live off a $2,000 refund check, WTF!) - and I can't be associated with that... I can officially say Fall 2009 will be my last semester at FVSU and then on to better and bigger and hopefully more "Maroonier" things (I believe I receive, in the name of Jesus), I hope to be in Atlanta (home base).

Now, I sit back and think of the connections I can make in another town and how those will be vital to my overall success. Yes, I'm into fashion and would love to do some things in that world, but I also know that it's a short lived career. Many people don't know that I am going to med-school to become a physician (most likely a surgeon). Many internships are finding there way into my hands and I have a yearning to travel this summer. My plan is to cause some chaos in a city and come back with a slue of connections and next summer off to another city to branch myself out, but until know I'm waiting of that call - wish me luck readers...

- My bags are packed as an act of good faith


Saturday, June 6, 2009


White Gold bootie with zip detail on the back. The combination of a bootie and sandal makes this shoe all the more interesting and it actually quite versatile. The Sierra Flat available here.

Aemon Weaver

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Rihanna (REE-HANNA as Oprah says), I Likey!!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black

Kettle Black silver studded converse in Black or Navy
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