Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Something is on my mind.....

I can't get this city off of my mind; It's consuming my every thought. It's something about Washington DC that makes me feel good. It's certainly not the fashion capitol, but I feel a very chic elegance coolness every time I go there( shout-out: Commonwealth "C'Monwealth"). There's always a sophisticated vibe when I'm there that even makes me step my game up.

During the semester off I find myself in constant thought about what's next. My grades are fledgling and I have scholarships coming my way, but I feel like there's something missing. I'm at Fort Valley State University (THE Fort Valley State University, lol) now, and know that my time there is drawing to a close. I feel an emptiness and it's sad to see majority of the students there for the wrong reason (who comes to college to chill and live off a $2,000 refund check, WTF!) - and I can't be associated with that... I can officially say Fall 2009 will be my last semester at FVSU and then on to better and bigger and hopefully more "Maroonier" things (I believe I receive, in the name of Jesus), I hope to be in Atlanta (home base).

Now, I sit back and think of the connections I can make in another town and how those will be vital to my overall success. Yes, I'm into fashion and would love to do some things in that world, but I also know that it's a short lived career. Many people don't know that I am going to med-school to become a physician (most likely a surgeon). Many internships are finding there way into my hands and I have a yearning to travel this summer. My plan is to cause some chaos in a city and come back with a slue of connections and next summer off to another city to branch myself out, but until know I'm waiting of that call - wish me luck readers...

- My bags are packed as an act of good faith


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