Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quote of the day

Answer to the question "I'm hot because..." (From Vibe's "Model of the Month"- May 2009)
" [Because] the Lord told me so and to my reader you are hot as well no matter what your occupation is in life. We all share the same amount of God-given space in this world and each of our contributions plays a major role to life itself. I am a constant self-motivator, through my ups and down I can only look toward me for that push through hard times. That makes me hot, fo' sho."
- model/actor Akintola Jiboyewa

The first line stuck out the most... I agree and the same goes for me; I see a Vibe cover story on the horizon.....


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Anonymous said...

New quote to add to the list: I'm hot because God told me so... I like that!