Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AWD: Fitzroy H. Maybach

Little did I know a pseudonym would get you far.... With that being said, I introduce Fitzroy H. Maybach. He is the definition of an African American Blue Blood. He is a Jack & Jill alumni, a future Archon in "The Boule", and his girl is a southern debutante he escorted in the Beau cotillion. He vacations in Martha's Vineyard and Sag Harbor. He lives in Tuxedo Park and is a graduate of Morehouse. He's a natural born asshole who everyone wants to be. He's arrogant by birth - with a heart of gold. He's the evil villain and can get away with it. He drives vintage cars for leisure while his Quattroporte sits in the garage. He's captured what he calls the "Ebonsphere" as well as the mainstream upper crust. This list goes on - literally....

Fitzroy is Aemon... I got a real big ego - I know.

Striped oxford shirt and classic fit jeans by
Abercrombie & Fitch. Bow-tie by American Eagle. Deck shoes (not pictured) by Timberland from Barney's, Stainless steel Oyster (watch) Rolex.

I cannot stress this enough. Shop at stores synonymous with quality. Know the names and their style and start from there.


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