Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AWD/Fitzroy's Fitz

Dear Wednesday, why can't you always be cool, easygoing, and sunny.... Hump-day was more like bump day because it was a real good Wednesday - for real.

I woke up thinking I had tennis at 9, then I realized I did
n't have it until next Monday or Wednesday - I think... At least I enjoyed a great two extra hours of sleepuntil I again realized I have a 10 page paper due next Monday or Wednesday on freaking tennis, how is that possible.

Blazer by Brooks Brothers. Cut-off shorts by Levis. Shirt and bow tie by American Eagle Outfitters. Shoes by Converse.

On the way to class heads tur
ned - and a few laughs. I remembered an email I got from Marquis Phifer ( - I'll spare the details but it was some good stuff. Basically it was about accepting your own creativity.. The financial aid ladies went crazy upon my arrival - they always complement me on my style - I'm still going there and we're two months into school....

I switched the fit a littl
e later on... Switched the shirt and bowtie for a red Rugby Ralph Lauren rugby shirt. Swapped the regular gray converse for the Jack Purcells for tonights concept... I'm the style coordinator for Royal Elite Modeling Troupe and FVSU - enough said. The new models are coming in, which is exciting to see....

I don't know what the hell is wrong with my camera...

Fitzroy H. Maybach

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