Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Something bout the clouds and her mixed..."

"That's when
I saw her, OOOooohhh (Prince scream) , I saw her. She walked in through the outdoor (out door - echo)"

The girls this semester are looking quite lovely, and these freshmen ladies.... BEAT (if you don't know you bet ask somebody). Even though school is well underway and your financial aid is all wack (where is my scholarships and other grants FVSU, don't make me have to expose yall), Us men (RIVERMEN) have lots of eye candy to look at. Just a reminder (because some of these banjee ass negroes still haven't grasped this concept) be polite, polished, and an adult; a gentleman always gets the right lady - not these little girls sneaking it in the backdoor of Boyd hall, I see all yall... FINED!

I've payed the cost to be the boss, respect your authority...


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