Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life and TImes Vol.1 : Boyd Hall

So, the life of an RA is not as glamorous and lush as people might imagine. Especially staying in a traditional dorm with standard industrial strength tiles and off white cinder block wall. Don't forget the metal furniture with faux wood accents and a splash of orange.
I arrived here unsure of many things and sort of apprehensive. I was anxious of how things would work out. I anticipated the critters in my room and even lost some sleep. I can now lay all of that aside because I am making it work. It's not the life I'm comfortable with (wood floors, quartz counters, wolf range, and sub-zeros fridges), but it's a learning experience. This is the experience that I asked for - I accepted the job.
I'm making it work.
Brought some items to make it seem more at home. Fur blanket and pillow - check, Full length mirror - check, an artillery of designer clothes - check check... I tried to fang Sui my room. I feel a difference and it is certainly peaceful. This is most important in any place you live - dorm of apartment. Harmony is crucial when dealing with a demanding life.
Instead of chilling in the study, I now will be studying in my office - college student/ executive I'll scratch you into my schedule... No Corinthian leather chair, art collection, artifacts from my world travels - just basic. Starting from the ground up. This semester should be interesting - wait have I said that already... New mantra perhaps??? AEMON WEAVER

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