Monday, August 31, 2009

AWD: IT'S A FRAUD - BOW TIE (so, sue me)

Up by 8, tennis at 9, a recoup at 10, and out again by 11.... Not enough hours in the day, but the life of a hustler is ongoing - sleep when you die. My histology professor and every other professor (yes, Histology - the study of tissues. Yes, I am the future 5% (black physician)), had to say something about my damn bow tie... Yes, bow ties go with jeans - Today.

Slim fit Stripped shirt
, TAKEL from Urban Outfitters. Gray cardigan vest, GAP. Jeans - Low Loose fit and Bow tie from American Eagle Outfitters. Paired with boat shoes. Books sold separately...

Style Tip:
You've seen it a while in editorials and on runways, but try loosing the socks and rolling up the legs of pants and jeans. Make it messy with jeans for a carefree rumpled look and make it more uniform with other pants.


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