Monday, August 30, 2010

UNDEFT'D (where u been? edition) - no pic necessary, reading is fundamental

March turned into May - and May was a blur that brought me to where I am currently... In down-home, country ass Fort Valley, ugh. My summer was filled with what I expected. Three months of gettin my name out there in the industry and making $$$$ - as well as lounge and club cameos; I lived for those moments #fadedmemory.

Now I'm back to this stuff and the response I get is "I thought you were going to Morehouse? (in a moking tone, very sarcastically) - Yes, my summer was great too and yours... Whatever - people these days... I give people just enough rope to hang themselves with - and I don't explain myself. Why bother. What you see is what you get.

My summer love affair in Atlanat was lusty, luscious, and luxurious... Midtown apartement, personal trainer, great food and drinks, great friends in a socially descrimianting crowd (meaning, we were the young, fly, rich kids always making a secene (without saying not a damn thing) - you know.

Between internships, school (at Morhouse College),various jobs in styling and branding (944 Magagzine) I think I have life downpacked... I take that back - I do! Right now I'm making lemonaide with lemons, but until next semester....

At least my name is out there now - only up from here....

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Anonymous said...

love it! you know who it is