Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All this ghetto stuff is new to me; I was raised in Grayson

(girl) What your name is?
- Desmond Hatchett
(girl)You got any kids...?
(desmond)- Ummm.... yeah I got some shawty..
(girl)Damn, how many you got!?
(desmond)-Uhhh, I lost count after 21..
(phone clicks)
(desmond) Hello.. Hello... DAMN!

This snaggle-toothed hillbillie right here. Have you ever wonder who would lay on top of that girl to have sex. I've always wonder how do homely (by homely I mean ugly) women end up with three or four kids hanging off thier hip. This story is the same archtype, but instead of a woman it's a man.

Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee has 21+ kids. Enough said. He has 11 baby mommas too so you know there's the drama attached to that. All I have to say is why? Who would sleep with this negro right here (I say negro instead of nigga/nigger - same thing).

I don't see what women see in this hmm hmm(n-word) On top of all that, he obviously doen't make no money- at all. Reports say 50% of his paycheck goes to child support. After it has been split 21 ways the mothers recieve about $2 each.

Women don't sell yourself short, especially if you run into a man name Desmond Hatchett from Tennessee who is around 30 years old. Don't Say I didn't warn you cause you"ll be sorry.


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