Thursday, May 28, 2009


Who can forget Frankie and Neffe the mother and sister of singer Keyshia Cole and scene jocks of BET's "The Way It Is". The way it is now is that Frankie and Neffe have their own show which premieres August 25th

The show is centered around their lives away from Keyshia Cole and the drama that follows - as usual. This is sure to be a must watch - at least to me it is - because of the attention they attract. I've seen them personally around town and they always cause a scene - it was a good scene that night.

We all know they've been doing their things in the meantime. Neffe has her book and Frankie is slowly becoming a staple on the airways here. One theme the show focuses on is about them gaining financial independence, which is imperative because Neffe has six children (reportedly) and one on the way. The father is up and coming rapper So Low.

While it is confirmed they have a show, I'm not sure the name. Many names have been tossed around so far but, it's safe to call it the "Frankie and Neffe show" - the name says it all.


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